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Rock Creek Fall Fair 2015

In August of this year a devastating Forest Fire (a Wildfire)
swept up the valley from Rock Creek to Westbridge, destroying 30 homes, farm buildings, vehicles and anything in it's path. It was blamed on a carelessly discarded cigarette. High winds at the time blew the fire north 12 miles (20km) in about 3 hours.
The fire burned until rain finally brought the nightmare to an end late in August.

The Rock Creek Fall Fair is held every year in mid September, this year being the 72nd.

This was the first opportunity for the community to come together after the fire. The spirit of the community was positive and proud, we are here to show everyone we can recover from this tragedy was on the lips of the residents. The RCFF is one of the best small community fairs held in the Province of British Columbia. My first visit was at the age of 9, many many years ago. At age 15 I entered the chain saw cutting competition for the first time. I helped fair president Bill Bosovitch stage loggers sports competitions over the years and have displayed some of my vintage chain saws. This year I wanted to do something to contribute to the success of the fair so developed my mobile chain saw museum display. This was my first showing. In the past I have hauled saws around the country in my truck. This is less than the ideal way as the paint gets chipped, scratched and damaged. Many years ago I built a box with the intention of having a box for each saw. Now 40 years later I have the boxes and enough saws packaged to do a nice display. I simply have to undo the latches holding the box together, remove the top portion, set it on the ground and sit the base with the saw attached onto the base portion and the display is ready. Each one has an information card attached.
I took this to Rock Creek and in association with the Son Ranch Timber Co. Chain Saw Museum we had a great display and a delightful time cutting some wood and talking to people about old chain saws.
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Mike Acres


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