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Consolidated Equipment & Supply Co. (Mike Acres)
Date Posted:
We have now received our stock of the book. They arrived on December 20, 2006
If you live in CANADA or the UNITED STATES phone us toll free 1-888-661-3155 Monday to
Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time and we will take your order. If you live anywhere else in the world and would like to order a copy of the book and send me an email and I will provide the instructions. The price of the book in Canadian dollars is $49.95 and in U.S. dollars is $44.95. The reason I am selling them through our company is that we can accept VISA or MasterCard and have the shipping arrangements with Canada Post.

This is the cover of the book, 216 Pages, 8-1/2" X 11" (21.5 X 28 cm)

Jacket Flap Copy:

Almost everybody has seen an old chainsaw hoisted to a place of honour in the rafters of some rural pub or hardware store, and few can resist the power these antique monsters have to turn heads and draw gasps of amazement. It is surprising that while there are many illustrated histories of old cars, tractors and airplanes, there never has been a comprehensive study of classic chainsaws—until now.

Chainsaws: A History
is a book that will captivate all gadget fanciers, even if they've never had a chainsaw in their hands. With over 300 full-colour photographs and illustrations combined with an authoritative text from leading experts, it is a cornucopia of nuts-and-bolts nostalgia as well as a valuable reference. Here is a colourful parade of gearloose invention recalling such once-familiar brands as Titan, Timberhog, Bluestreak, Hi-Baller, Hornet, Wasp, IEL, Pioneer, Partner, PM, Poulan, Dolmar, Danarm, Disston, Remington, Canadien, Lombard, Mall, McCulloch, Shade, Stihl, Solo, Be-Bo and Jo-Bu among others.

Here are the ancient contraptions—from the steam-powered Ransome saw that had to be dragged into the woods by two strong horses, to the hand-cranked Hamilton, to the 460-lb Dow mounted on WWI bomber wheels that loggers attempted to drag up mountains. Here, too, are the early German machines that first proved that handheld gas-powered chainsaws were viable, earning the grudging respect of wartime loggers in the Pacific Northwest.

Chainsaws: A History
is unique book that will thrill anyone with an eye for engineering marvels, whether they’ve ever picked up a screwdriver or not

A few picture samples from the book.


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