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From Ken Morrison: Last Chance To Buy 1970s
Issues From The Chain Saw Age Archive

As this new year unfolds, I'd like to say thanks to the scores of vintage saw enthusiasts who participated in my Chain Saw Age magazine, 1970's inventory excess sale in 2013. With your help, thousands of vintage CSA copies found new homes all over the world.

I promoted their availability through e-mail, chain saw collector websites, magazine articles and eBay. And though it seems like no stone was left unturned, I am compelled to make one last offer before I pack the few hundred remaining 1970s issues away.

So, for those who may have missed the 2013 program, or previous customers who wish to expand their collections, here's what's left:

1970 - 0
1971 - 0
1972 - 8-issue set (2 available)
1973 - 7-issue set (3), 6-issue set (6)
1974 - 11-issue set (2), 10-issue set (1), 7-issue set (3)
1975 - 11-issue set (1), 6-issue set (3)
1976 - 9-issue set (1), 6-issue set (1)
1977 - 0
1978 - 7-issue set (1)
1979 - 8-issue set (1), 5-issue set (1)

I have also assembled a limited number of ten-issue "variety packs" containing various editions from 1970 - 1977. Each pack contains the following ten issues:

December 1970, March 1972, June 1972, July 1972, September 1973, October 1974, November 1974, March 1977, June 1977, and August 1977.

As always, the flat-rate cost remains $2.50 per issue plus shipping. So, for example, the ten issue variety pack above would cost just $25. All shipping is charged at my cost via U.S. Postal Service flat-rate envelopes and cartons. This is very economical and dependable service. Payment via PayPal is preferred.

For inquiries or to submit an order, please contact me at morrisonmill@gmail.com.
NOTICE: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MIKE ACRES: chsawcollector@gmail.com

Please do not email me asking for the selling price of a chain saw model. I would only be guessing as to the value which is really an agreement between the seller and the buyer. I receive far too many emails to be able to keep up answering them all.
Mike Acres


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